News & Info Around The Lakes 

              Spring, 2018 Timberlake Community Club Tractor Help:  If you need a tractor to help with work such as spreading gravel, digging a trench or pulling out a tree stump, your Timberlake HOA Maintenance Department can help. Depending on availability, we’ll provide our tractor with an operator to assist with your tasks. Member cost is $75 per hour. Call the office at 360-427-8928 to schedule.
Evacuation Info
Nov 6, 2018  MPC Office Hours:  Timberlake Multipurpose Center Office (360-
427-8928) new winter hours are:
Open:   9:00am to 4:30pm Mon - Fri
Closed: Weekends and 12:00pm to 12:30pm for lunch
Nov 6, 2018  Re-Ratification of Timberlake  Budget: Please click on the link to read about why the Board of
Directors is conducting a Membership vote to re-ratify our budget. Please note that the previously approved 2018-2019
budget does not change.  RCW 2018-2019
August 11, 2018  Timberlake Annual Meeting Election Stats: Click here for the August 2018 Elections Statistics.
July 27, 2018  Timberlake Wildfire Resident Evacuation Info:  Click here for information about Mason County’s three levels of notification.
August 11, 2018 Timberlake Community Club Dues Amounts:  The following link is the new 2018-2019 Fee Schedule for General and Water Dues.
Oct 16, 2016  Mason County Commissioners Approve Buoy Amendment:  The Mason County Commissioners this morning approved an ammendment to County Regulation 9-04.235 “Shoreline Marker Buoys”. The newly passed Timberlake submitted ammendment allows Homeowner Organizations to place swimming buoys up to 150 feet from the shoreline. Timberlake Community’s big lake currently places their buoys at 75 feet from the shoreline. Had the original Regulation not been challenged and revised, the resultant area used for motorized water sports would have been substantially reduced and would have affected the ability for these activities to take place on the big lake. Reducing the availablity of water sports on the big lake could have had adverse effects on the HOA’s property values. This amendment was submitted by the Timberlake Lake Safety & Rules Committee, Brad Moore Chairperson. Timberlakes’s Lake Safety & Rules Committee championed a rewrite of the Lake Safety & Use Rules in May of 2018. The 2018-01 Lake Safety & Use Rules can be found on the Timberlake Community’s website, under the Rules and Bylaws tab.