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              Timberlake Community Club Tractor Help: Did you know? If you need a tractor for chores such as spreading gravel or digging a trench, your Timberlake HOA Maintenance Department can help. Depending on availability, we’ll provide a tractor with an operator to help with your tasks. Member cost is $75 per hour. Call (360) 427-8928 Extension 4 to schedule.
July 28, 2019: Evacuation - Our Rules Committee and others have been working on this at your request. Evacuation Plans, Labeled "2019-01 Emergency Alternative Exit Resolution" are sitting in the MPC, ready for member pick-up and reading. It will also be placed on our Web Site at under the Rules and By-Laws TAB. Right now, these are labeled as DRAFT, but that will be taken off when the Board next meets on July 9th and approves this resolution. I doubt that any information in it will change until then. Evacuation Maps are being placed in the Parks Kiosks as well as Evacuation Street signs being installed shortly at key locations. Thank you for your patience. Tom Hanson - Timberlake Board President
September 25, 2019: State v Stewart - Court Date Update
August 20, 2019: Please click here to see the Annual Election Results - 2019 Election Statistics 
September 20, 2019: Effective October 1, 2019 the office will change to Winter Hours - Monday through
Friday 9am to 4:30pm, closed for lunch between noon and 12:30pm, and closed on Saturday and Sunday.
This information is located on the Contact Us tab.
October 23, 2019: CALLING ALL MEMBERS! - TLCC is currently accepting applications for two vacant Board positions. Application packets are available at the MPC and are due by November 18, 2019, for a special election to be held in January. We need you!